Five Types of People Who Create Self-Help, Entrepreneurial, and “Educational” Content

Some content creator slander for the soul

Aysia C.
5 min readMar 28, 2023


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I am overwhelmed. Genuinely I am suffocating, drowning really in self-help and start-up content.

And I’m tired.

That big, ugly, green jealousy monster is starting to grow in me. When I see these titles, “How I made $$$$ in just X amount of time on this platform that is focused on how to build a six figure income,” I want to hurl my phone at a wall.

I’m tired.

So, to release my frustration, I’ve decided to do what any reasonable adult would do: complain about it on the internet.

I’m kidding.

Before you all stop reading, this is not an article crapping on self-help and start-up content. Much of this content is generally helpful. I am, however, going to poke a little fun at the people who create said content. Strap in.

Here are 5 types of people who create self-help, entrepreneurial, and “educational” content.

1. The Bully

If this creator could slap you in the face with their courses, they would. They are direct, to the point, and they aren’t afraid to tell you that your entire life is one big, hot, steaming pot of failure.

Their way is the only way because they’re the expert. No other factors played into how they became successful besides their own merit.

*Major side eye*

Let’s be real here. Sometimes, luck is on our side and sometimes we’re just in the right place at the right time. Merit and hard work can play a huge role in one’s success, but that son of a gun called “circumstancehas a way of adding fuel to the fire.

2. The “Too Techy for Their Own Good”

These creators are generally very sweet and very helpful….when you can understand them. The tech mumbo jumbo that they spew, to me, always sounds like the most ground-breaking information. But I guess that doesn’t mean much because I can’t understand it.



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