5 Things Dogs Do That Make Me Question My Humanity

1. They are picky about where they go to the bathroom

Photo by Sander Weeteling on Unsplash

Our family got a puppy recently. Her name is Poppy, like the flower, and she’s a black full-bred poodle with a lot of energy. She is the first dog I have ever had, and she’s definitely brought some light into this household. Although she is my first dog, she’s not the first dog I’ve ever interacted with, and I’ve found that there are some things that dogs do that make me question my humanity.

Five things dogs do that make me question my humanity

1. They are picky about where they go to the bathroom

Dogs seem to know where they want to go and when. And they also seem to be fairly choosing about picking their spot.

Before our pup learned to go on the potty pad, she would sniff around to find a spot on the carpet, and generally, it was in a similar area where she had gone to the bathroom before.

2. They put up with humanity’s stupidity

I cannot, at least not entirely. Youtube is full of dog videos. Many of which include the humans doing something to mess with the dog.

3. They always greet each other

Most dogs love to greet other dogs, and they do so with fervor, tails wagging and all.

4. They love people they don’t know

My puppy LOVES strangers to the point where it’s almost concerning. She’s a people’s puppy.

5. They let you know where their loyalties lie

My mom told me that she read somewhere that dogs tend to get super attached to one person. They’ll follow that one person everywhere and will want to be with that person all the time.

What we can learn from dogs

Well, firstly I’ll say there’s a lot we can learn from dogs and what we can learn is by no means limited to this list. So let’s run through the 5 things I’ve listed and talk about what we can learn.

1. We need to be picky about where we use the bathroom

No seriously!

Germs are everywhere. We pick up enough of them as it is. There’s no need to pick up more from a dirtier than average public restroom. Yuck!

I'm just kidding (only slightly).

But really, my puppy has entered this stage where she does not like to use the bathroom in her crate at night. She’s learned that if she does, she’s going to be stuck with the mess she made until morning. And I assume that’s not a pleasurable experience.

No one likes to be left with messy waste. So, if there's one thing we can learn from this, is that public restrooms don’t have to be such an unpleasurable experience unless we make it that way. Clean up behind yourself. Flush the toilet when you are done.

2. We have to put up with humanity’s stupidity…

…and strive to make a change. As long as humans inhabit this earth, stupidity will exist. And I’m not exempting myself from this either.

But sometimes, how we approach stupidity can make all the difference. Dogs do it with only what seems like joy in their hearts.

3. Maybe being around other people isn’t all that bad

All my loners out there, here me out. Sometimes, I dread greeting people or being social. I get it. It can be taxing. But humans are social creatures. We build societies based on this fact.

Not convinced? Let’s talk about isolation. Many of us have gotten a taste of that this past year. How has isolation for an extended period of time make you feel? Being confined to just my family and my pup has taken a toll on my mental health. I feel antisocial. When the time comes for us to be social beings again, I’m going to lay all my cards on the table.

4. We need to show love to people we don’t know

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

Don’t forget the golden rule! Let’s say it together: treat people how you want to be treated.

5. We need to build strong relationships to thrive

This goes back to the idea of humans being social creatures.

My dog’s loyalty lies with my mother and everyone in this house knows it. She loves her. She pouts when she leaves her for just a few seconds.

Dogs have friends, and they build strong bonds. We should too.

Where do your loyalties lie? Who’s someone on whom you can count? Who will be there when no one else is?

Dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” but I’m finding that they’re more than that. Maybe saying they are “man’s best teacher” is a bit of a stretch, but there is definitely a whole lot that we can learn from them.

Jesus-lover | People-lover | Romans 10:9-10 | Philippians 4:4-6 <3 | A college-aged Fashion and Retail Studies Major actively trying to pursue my passions.

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